Third Quarter 2014-2015

Kids watching in  PROJECTORkids standing with a marine1 boy and 3 girls in a pickids and teacher wearing a tieKids and teacher wearing tie and making funny facesgirl and boy with arm around each otrherkids lined up holding paperLittle girl purple shirtBoy with hand in mailboxGirl with straw and cupGirl blowing ball into cup with strawboy using straw to blow ball into cupboy blowing ball across desk using strawGirl with bow using straw to move ball across deskboy in blue using straw to move ball across tableLittle girl using straw to blow objects across deskGirl in glasses using straw to blow objects across deskboy making craftsGirl using straw to move bowlkids smiling in classroom4 kids putting on tiesboy and girl wearing ties3 kids wearing ties in classgirl and boy smiling and wearing tiesboy and girl wearing tiesclass and teacher wearing ties3 teachers one holding paper3 teachers with a certificatekids working at a desk4 kids coloringkids working at their deskkids coloring at their desk4 kids doing school workkids doing work at their desks